We are

A modern creative company for a world in beta.

What we believe

The path to creative liberation can only be achieved by removing the constraints of siloed thinking.

Our mission

Bring the right people together and work collectively to solve the hardest creative challenges.

How we do it

We have seen for ourselves that better creative outcomes happen when there are no barriers between disciplines.

We are the opposite of a production line, providing a blended resource that brings your people into a bespoke collective to address the problem.

We add only what’s required and nothing unnecessary.

A Cord

For every project, we bring multiple threads together to form a stronger connection. We provide a new working model, comprising of three distinct threads:

THREAD ONE: Strategic Direction
Weaving together multiple strands of skill, experience and perspective, we will work with you to take the brief, identify and explore the problem, form the right talent and collectively develop strategy & solutions to take to market.

THREAD TWO: Stakeholder Collaboration
A bespoke collective of resource needed to address the problem, from both your stakeholders and agency partners, plus additional specialists we believe will bring value to the process.

THREAD THREE: Creative Inspiration
Creative resource with experience relevant to the brief, who will bring fresh perspective. Exclusively working on your project, they will operate at a more strategic level to help the collective get to the most unexpected and impactful solutions. This can also lead into activations for the ideas if desired.


The world we live in is getting more amazing with bigger dreams to be had, but with bigger problems to solve. The acceleration of technology, skill and potential has created a world that’s difficult to keep up with. One that’s always in beta.

At a time of unlimited creative potential, the supply and demand economics of marketing are at odds with each other, pulling people and practices apart, and weakening the positive impact of brands and business:

  1. Organisations are struggling to get their people to work to one agenda 
  2. Brands have less time and money to invest
  3. Strategy has become commoditised and forced apart between an ‘ifthisthenthat’ engineering solution and innovation that isn’t innovative
  4. Creative talent is being forced into a culture of supplier convenience 
  5. Agencies are constrained by the creative resource they have

Who we are

Cord was founded in 2019, by James Hart and Oliver Budworth:

Let’s talk

If you’ve got an interesting business challenge you think we might be able to help with, or you simply want to learn more about what we can do together, or how we might work with you, please get in touch.